Why Natural Beaded Rows ™ Hair Extensions?


Natural Beaded Rows ™ is the perfect solution for both the stylist and the client.

  • There’s No Glue or Tape Involved!

                   Since there is no glue or tape involved, the removal process is quick and simple and only takes about 5 minutes…

  • NBR™ Hair Extensions Do Less Damage, Hide Better, and Won’t Slip Out!


  • Danielle K. White, Creator of Natural Beaded Rows ™ Hair Extension Method is 100% unique, crafted from years of experience and diligent searching to create the absolute BEST Hair Extension Method on the market.

  • Not only will you have the most natural, light-weight, comfortable hair you’ve ever had…

                   …no one will believe you have extensions until you actually show them…

  • AND, they do less damage, hide better in the hair and they won’t slip out!

SO, if you want to  Experience Natural Beaded Rows ™ Hair Extensions in Your Own Hair, you know what to do.

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Why I Choose Natural Beaded Row™ Hair Extensions

My search for hair extensions took a long journey. My mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and as a result lost a lot of her hair. When her hair did grow back it was not the same. It was thinner, a lot thinner. And, as she got older it didn’t grow as fast anymore either. So my search for an answer to her problem continued.

Until I came across Danielle White and Natural Beaded Row Extensions! UREKA! I was blown away by the NBR difference and what it can do for women everywhere!

What does this mean for you? It means that it is time to invest in yourself. It is time to invest in your hair! With Natural Beaded Rows you really can have the hair of your dreams! If you are like my clients and my mom you have been searching for a way to have longer, fuller hair

Here’s just a few reasons why I love  NBR  Extensions:

  • Minimal points of contact.

  • NBR starts of with beads attached to about 20-25 points on your head, there is no glue, no tape, no adhesives or bonds.

  • Light weight hand tied wefts of hair are used so that your extensions are light, and blend in beautifully with your natural hair and feel like your hair.

  • Versatile hair styles! You can wear your hair up in a high ponytail, braid it, or wear a super cute top-knot all with out giving away your secret.

The best part, NBR  Extensions are customized just for you. Whether you want to keep the hair color you have or want to try something new, with NBR your color and the extensions are completely customized.